How Outsourcing Works: Law - Hazel Xavier - Outsource Access

How Outsourcing Works: Law - Hazel Xavier

Welcome to our video series, “How Outsourcing Works.” This series is designed to unpack the integration of outsourcing and virtual teams into businesses, providing clarity to entrepreneurs who are aware of outsourcing but unsure how to start or manage it effectively.

After getting displaced from her previous company just three months after she started due to COVID-19, Hazel learned from her university friends about remote work opportunities. Eager to try it out herself, she not only landed a job with Outsource Access but was also matched perfectly with her client.

Hazel began her journey with simple data entry tasks and reconciling and tracking payments. As she proved her capabilities, she took on more crucial responsibilities like tracking and managing company and personal expenses. Eventually, she also assisted with the filtering claim and rejection process, becoming an indispensable part of her client’s operations.

Watch now to see how outsourcing works for Personal Injury Law Firms!

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