How Outsourcing Works: Commercial Real Estate - Mary June B. Bahian - Outsource Access

How Outsourcing Works: Commercial Real Estate - Mary June B. Bahian

Welcome to our video series, “How Outsourcing Works.” This series is designed to unpack the integration of outsourcing and virtual teams into businesses, providing clarity to entrepreneurs who are aware of outsourcing but unsure how to start or manage it effectively.

An accountant and real estate broker by profession, June realized that her skill set would be a perfect fit for working with clients in the commercial real estate industry. She discovered Outsource Access on Facebook and decided to give it a try as she was also looking for work-from-home opportunities to eliminate her daily commute.

Now, June is a valuable contributor not only to Outsource Access but also to her client. She excels in a variety of tasks, ranging from personal tasks like managing her client’s health insurance, to more technical tasks such as QuickBooks reconciliation, email and calendar management, preparing legal documents, and even creative tasks like creating graphics.

Watch now to see how outsourcing works for Commercial Real Estate!

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