Culture Corner Virtual Game Winners - Outsource Access

Check out the rules below!


The game is composed of 15 to 20 questions VAs were given 10 seconds to answer it.

VAs were able to use their cellphone, laptop, tablets, etc.

There were different topics per day and they only knew it on the day of the game.


  1. People can join 10 minutes before the game begins. 
  2. As soon as you join the meeting, the facilitator will provide the GAME PIN
  3. You need to open and input the GAME PIN to join the game
  4. Make sure you use your REAL full-name in the game for us to identify the winner. The person who will not use his/her full-name will be disqualified.
  5. When the game starts you will only have 10 seconds to answer each question.
  6. If you answered correctly, your answer will turn green but if your answer is wrong, it will turn red and the right answer will be filled with color green. This way, you would know what is the correct answer to the question.
  7. The person who has the highest score and who answered the quickest will win!
  8. If you won already, you can’t join the next few games again.

The game has POWER-UPS and you will be given the chance to use this at least once or twice per game. Please see below for the descriptions of each Power-up:

Double Jeopardy:

Players get double points for a correct answer but lose it all if the answer is incorrect


Gives players twice the points for one question


It eliminates half of the incorrect options


Gets rid of one incorrect option


Players get a second chance after an incorrect answer

Time Freeze:

Freezes the timer and gives players full points for a question

Power Play:

Everyone in the game gets 50% more points for 20 seconds

Streak Saver:

Ensure your streak against a wrong answer


Everyone but you get a glitchy screen for 10 seconds.

And that’s it!! Glad to see our VAs are making the most of quarantine and still bonding with one another!