Culture Corner September 2021 - Outsource Access
Culture Corner

Merry Christmas! What? Yes, it is the Christmas season in the Philippines. As one of the 6 predominantly Christian countries in Asia, the Filipinos believe that Christmas brings hope and light, just like how baby Jesus brought hope to the world hundreds of years ago. You will hear Christmas songs playing everywhere, the malls and houses have their Christmas decors up, and you will feel the Christmas spirit all around as early as September. 

This season brings a much-needed mental break from all the hardship that the country has experienced amid this pandemic. For Filipinos, lighting that one Parol (a Christmas lantern lined with lights, traditionally made with capiz shells) in front of the house can lift the spirits of everyone who sees it. 

Parol is a symbol of hope and joy which is the very same thing that you, our clients, brought to the lives of your VAs and their families. 

So check out how our VAs spent their September. 

Happy Hour

The Christmas season is the most celebrated time in the Philippines and is GREATLY anticipated by everyone that we start counting down as early as September. 

For this month’s Happy Hour, our talented and OAmazing VAs have shared their talents with us through masterpieces made from Christmas songs. Our VA Dranreb shows us how it’s done and we are so excited to share this with the world! 

Watch and be mesmerized by how Dran’s artistry made this event a GREAT opportunity for his priorities.


Be an Advocate

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VA Speaks

UNSDG # 8: This year, Outsource Access has supported the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and we’d like to showcase how we are supporting UNSDG #8. Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.

Hear it straight from Ronah, one of OA’s Virtual Assistants.

“Outsource Access is a blessing to me, as my first job and also a full time mom. Working as a Virtual Assistant here helped me to discover and learn things that I never imagined I would be capable of doing. I thank God that I am able to take care of my family at home and give their needs even while I am working. OA has given me the opportunity to have a work life balance.”

– Ronah, Virtual Assistant


Culture Connect!

We’re going to add this segment to our monthly emails. It is fun to connect with your VA on a cultural level and so we’d like to teach you one Tagolog word per month! This month’s word:

Try using “Magaling” in a sentence with your VA this week!