Culture Corner Muznah - Outsource Access

Outsource Access is celebrating the birthday of our VA Muznah and we want you to learn a little bit about her!

About Muznah… In her own words

I’m Muznah, recently turned 22 yrs old, based in the Philippines. I’ve always had an interest in photography, graphic design, and video editing. I also like traveling, learning new cultures, and going karaoke with friends. Every year, we kind of made it as a tradition to travel somewhere with my mother and brother but we’re going to hold it for now due to the pandemic. 

I graduated last year 2019 and I worked briefly as a Customer Service Representative in a well-known BPO company here in the PH. I like working with Outsource Access because the company gives its employees the freedom to work in the comfort of their homes and to be with their families. It’s like hitting three birds with one stone, you get to work remotely, spend time with your family, and also get to travel to a lot of places. They also have this friendly-like environment where everyone is very helpful whenever you would need help in the tasks that you have and will look for ways to give the best service and customer experience to the clients. It’s been a wonderful experience so far and I hope to create more memories here with Outsource Access. 🙂

Muznah’s Client Work

My Client is Kyle Rhodes, CEO/Owner of Focus Staff, which is one of the leading Healthcare Staffing Agencies in the DFW Area. Focus Staff takes pride in matching amazing healthcare professionals to short or long-term assignments based on the contracts they receive. 

I’ve been working with Kyle since February 2020 and It’s been great! I’ve learned a lot the past couple of months and continue to learn more. I was tasked to do Sourcing and Recruiting on LinkedIn to look for prospective hires for their corporate positions for three months. The task is paused indefinitely for now since they’ve selected a good amount of candidates now already up for training there in their office. I’m also glad to see those who I’ve sourced are already working for the company and are also doing a great contribution to the organization. Now, I’m mostly doing Lead Generation in various job platforms in search of different healthcare professionals.

Working with Kyle has been amazing so far, he has always been cool and has a great leadership style. I look forward to learning more and improving for the upcoming projects to come.


CEO: Kyle Rhodes