Culture Corner January 2021 - Outsource Access
Culture Corner

In this edition of the Culture Corner. We’d like to show you how the team is using a new communication tool to complete projects and tasks efficiently. Adapting to changes that the company’s growth brought upon, yet still staying true to our Core Values – Gratitude, Relationship Driven, Ever longing Quest for Improvement and Thoughtful Communicators.

Also in this edition, see how our management conquered the distance to deliver some cheers to some of our VAs living hours away from where the main office is located.


We are Relationship Driven, so if there is anyway to close the gap and know our people in a more personal level, we do it.
See how we brought cheers to our VAs who live hours away from our PH Headquarters and check out the sites on our way to their homes. Play the video above.


It is our commitment to you that we share our best practices so we can grow together. Innovation is crucial for any business, we know that to be true, that is why we are on always on a quest for efficient tools our VAs can use.

Introducing Lark. Lark integrates messaging, video conferencing, schedule management, collaborative documents, cloud storage, email, and workflow applications to provide a seamless collaboration experience on all your devices.

We have been using Lark since the last quarter of 2020 and everyone loves it! It’s user friendly, it’s fast and since everything is integrated, you can use it for about anything. We highly recommend this tool. You can learn more about it from



VA Spotlight


Do you know people in the Business Sector who are still struggling to find balance in running their business on a daily basis? If you do, perfect! We recently launched our Referral Program, not only will you be able to help that certain someone by introducing them to us, you will also get $250 for every successful referral. Plus! Your referral will get discount codes if they decide to purchase the VAB. It’s a win, win, win.

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Outsource Access Academy

OAcademy is the education arm of Outsource Access. Here you will find online courses to support business owners and the Virtual Assistant community.

We launched our first course “Maximize Your Virtual Assistant” designed for those who already have a Virtual Assistant and want to leverage our signature Outsource Access training we provide to our OWN VA’s. 

This is a monthly subscription training course where you will learn how to find and hire your very own virtual assistant and then maximize your virtual assistant to help you with marketing, lead generation, accounting, email management and 40+ other modules that work for practically any industry.