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google spreadsheet & excel

& Excel.

google spreadsheet & excel

Sunshine Loberanes

Resources Speaker

google spreadsheet & excel
Outsource Access In Search Of (ISOF) is a program created to provide an avenue for awareness, learning, self-enhancement, and skill development for free. The objective of the program is to shape the people working in the company to grow personally and professionally.


A training aimed to equip the Virtual Assistants of Outsource Access with efficient knowledge and practical skills on Administrative tasks through using Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheet.



Google Spreadsheet and Excel

Understanding Microsoft Excel

Understanding Google Sheets

About the Resource Speaker

The resource speaker for the training is Sunshine Loberanes

  • People Management Professional & Skills Development Champion
  • A Graduate of BS ECE from MSU-IIT
  • 16 years in the BPO Industry
  • 12 years in doing people management 
  • 10 years in Quality and Training
  • 8 years doing powerful presentations and Concept & Logistics

Certificate and Digital Badge

All participants who attended the training and completed the required output were given a certificate of completion and OA ISOF Digital Badge.