Culture Corner February 2021 - Outsource Access

February is known as the month of love! In this edition of Culture Corner, we are showcasing just how much love we enjoy pouring into our employees through gratitude. Working virtually can mean a feeling of solitude, and we work to make sure our VAs feel a part of a team each and every day. This is why we built an ecosystem where our teams feel supported and nurtured, giving an extra emphasis on "communication" and the attitude of gratitude.


Covid has changed the way that we interact with our employees and since we were not able to have an in-person Christmas party, we had to bring the party to them! Check out this video of how we brought cheers to our VAs who live hours away from our PH Headquarters and check out the sites on our way to their homes.

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What better way to welcome new family members than giving them a sense of belongingness. Every time a new VA signs on with Outsource Access, we give them a kit to welcome them to the family. Our employees love raving about the kits on social media. it is heart warming how all of these people fit so well with one of our Core Values – Gratitude! This is all possible because of the trust you have given to us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.




“Working with Outsource Access makes me feel that I belong to a family.

The management team is really supportive, thoughtful and generous. I consider this company as a platform for me to have a work-life balance. I work with my client Randall and occasionally, I am assigned task that I am unfamiliar with, but Outsource Access have a team that supports me all the way. I can say that I am a better VA because of the resources that Outsource Access is providing me. I learned, that there is nothing I cannot do if I have the willingness to learn and a team that will support me.”

– Rhoda Z


Do you know people in the Business Sector who are still struggling finding balance in running their business on a daily basis? If you do, perfect! We recently launched our Referral Program, not only will you be able to help that certain someone by introducing them us, you will also get $250 for every successful referral. Plus! Your referral will get discount codes if they decide to purchase the VAB. It’s a win, win, win.

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We’d like to announce to you that we have recently launched Outsource Access Academy. This is now the training arm of our company and we have launched our very first program: Maximize My Virtual Assistant.

This is a monthly subscription training course where you will learn how to find and hire your very own virtual assistant and then maximize your virtual assistant to help you with marketing, lead generation, accounting, email management and 40+ other modules that work for practically any industry.