Culture Corner December 2020 - Outsource Access
Culture Corner

In this edition of Culture Corner where we show you behind the scenes at Outsource Access we bring you some holiday cheer!

Come check out the photos from our incredible holiday party with nearly 170 in attendance with talent contests, speeches, and top award winners for the year!

You will LOVE some of these pictures showing the faces and families behind Outsource Access (and some pretty amazing pajamas too!) And check out the brand new referral program we just launched at the bottom. Happy Holidays and Take Care

– Brad Stevens

Virtual Christmas Party


Gathering and celebrating with Family and Friends, are few of the things we always look forward to during the Holiday Season. And because we are a relationship driven company, we did not allow the pandemic to stop us from doing so! December 12, 2020, with 166 participants, Outsource Access held its very first Virtual Christmas Party via Zoom. We shared laughter and tears as we looked back what our year was and how we grew together. With lots of games and prizes, we can definitely say, that party is one for the books!

Virtual Christmas Party


All our VAs are excellent at what they do, but there is always someone whose performance stands out from the rest. For this year, it’s Muznah Gadiaware. Muznah without question, emanates our Core Values “G.R.E.A.T”. (Gratitude, Relationship Driven, Everlong Quest for Improvement, Attention to Details and Thoughtful Communicators). This is shown on her KPI score month over month. On her Thank You speech she said “When I first started, I was lacking in so many areas, I am thankful to Kyle-my client and my teammates for their patience and guidance for me to become the VA I am today”. Keep it up Muznah!




Birthdays and Anniversaries are always special, so we celebrate it with people dear to our hearts. We want to say thank you to the celebrants for spending another year of your lives with us. To many more!



Do you know people in the Business Sector who are still struggling to find balance in running their business on a daily basis? If you do, perfect! We recently launched our Referral Program, not only will you be able to help that certain someone by introducing them to us, you will also get $250 for every successful referral. Plus! Your referral will get discount codes if they decide to purchase the VAB. It’s a win, win, win.

Refer a friend

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Outsource Access Academy

OAcademy is the education arm of Outsource Access. Here you will find online courses to support business owners and the Virtual Assistant community.

We launched our first course “Maximize Your Virtual Assistant” designed for those who already have a Virtual Assistant and want to leverage our signature Outsource Access training we provide to our OWN VA’s. 

This is a monthly subscription training course where you will learn how to find and hire your very own virtual assistant and then maximize your virtual assistant to help you with marketing, lead generation, accounting, email management and 40+ other modules that work for practically any industry.