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How to Achieve Work-Life Balance: 12 Tips for Remote Workers


Thanks to the advances in modern technology, working from home has become a common setup among workers from industries across the board. This is especially the case with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, where remote work became the norm for most companies. 

Keeping some of its most notable benefits in mind, it has also become one of the most favorable working options for many employees in the past few years. 

Despite the many benefits that come with a remote work setup, it can also cause a few drawbacks. One, in particular, can include a major hit in your work-life balance where you can have a hard time separating your professional and personal life. If not addressed properly, it can affect how you perform and manage your daily activities. 

As a business owner, you’re looked up to by your team to make necessary decisions that help keep your company afloat. For some, this may mean taking on virtual assistant services to help lessen the load on your plate or finding ways to encourage a more balanced work-life while working from home. 

The Costs of Poor Work-Life Balance

Having a poor work-life balance can have many adverse effects on remote workers. Here are a few of its examples. 

  • It develops fatigue

A poor work-life balance can lead to higher levels of fatigue and stress. When you spend too much time working, you lose opportunities to rest and give yourself the proper care you need to function well. Over time, this can develop into burnout, which can affect the type of outlook you have on your position. 

  • It results in poor health

Working too much can result in the development of major problems to your health. This can include a higher risk of stroke, mental illness, coronary heart disease, and many more. If not addressed, your productivity and efficiency levels can also take a hit due to the multiple absences you may have at work.

  • It negatively affects social life

The lack of a work-life balance can interfere with your social and family life. It makes it more difficult to pursue your other life interests, take time to relax, or recharge your social energy. It can also hurt your relationships and even cause problems later on. 

12 Ways to Improve Your Work-Life Balance


Attaining a healthy work-life balance is an essential skill that all remote workers should learn to look after their professional and personal lives. Below are some tips on how you can accomplish that.

  1. Have a dedicated workstation

Keeping your work and rest area separate can help you take on your personal and professional time better. It can also help you manage stress easier by having a designated spot to unwind. 

  1. Stick to a schedule

Planning out the day can be the best way to keep track of things and avoid overworking. With a virtual assistant (VA) partner, they can take care of your calendar and events so you can focus on more important tasks. 

  1. Take regular breaks

Taking regular breaks encourages your mind and body to recharge, giving you the energy to keep working afterward. It can also improve your productivity and help you recover from fatigue.

  1. Learn how to unplug

Learning to look away from your screen after rendering your work hours can enhance your sleep quality. This is especially essential if you work odd hours or take night shifts regularly.

  1. Nurture your relationships

Remember to stay in touch with those closest to you, especially now that almost everything is done in isolation. Maintaining a healthy social life is a major part of achieving a work-life balance.

  1. Master time management

Being an expert at time management lets you do more things in less time. How so? When you have greater control of your time, you get more freedom to focus on your other interests.

  1. Set your priorities

Sticking to your priorities outside of work helps balance your time, allowing you to build fulfilling hobbies and interactions on the side. You can also establish your boundaries by saying no to additional work after hours. 

  1. Think about your expenses

If you’re working extra hours to save up for an expense, you can adjust your lifestyle to accommodate it. This can mean cutting down on unnecessary costs or exploring other economical alternatives to maximize your budget.

  1. Enjoy the outdoors 

Remote work can keep you locked up indoors for most of your day. When you can, consider spending a few hours outside and squeeze in a bit of exercise while you’re at it.

  1. Introduce healthy lifestyle habits

Healthy habits make it easier to maintain a good work-life balance. This can be anything from eating healthy, drinking enough water, doing yoga, or maintaining proper hygiene. 

  1. Use your vacation days

The weekend might not be enough to rest up properly for some people. If you’re one of them, take up the opportunity to use your earned rest days and completely unplug from work.

  1. Suggest team building activities

Engaging team building activities can help reduce stress and create better camaraderie in a group. For a team of remote workers, doing so can also help improve everyone’s overall well-being.

With Balance Comes Harmony

Finding the right work-life balance can’t be achieved overnight, considering it’s a habit you will need consistent effort to get into. Nonetheless, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially since the remote work setup is here to stay.

If you have trouble adjusting to these habits, hiring a virtual assistant may help you better manage your daily activities. Outsource Access’ VAs are seasoned remote workers who can elevate your business with their expert assistance. Learn more about our process or reach out to our team of professionals today to get started!

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