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Top Six Common Misconceptions about Hiring a Virtual Assistant

We’re sure you’ve heard about outsourcing. In fact, it has been on the rise these past few years. With the landscape of work rapidly evolving, one of the most significant shifts we’ve witnessed is the rise of virtual assistants (VAs). 

Current statistics show that 92% of G2000 companies utilize outsourcing. Reports even show that  companies who outsource to the Philippines have cut their labor costs by 70%. With numbers as good as these, the industry shows that there is no time better than now to utilize outsourced support.

However, despite the increasing popularity of VAs, there are still misconceptions surrounding their role and capabilities. Myths and misunderstandings about VAs have held back businesses from outsourcing. From the costs, skills, scale and even to the type of tasks they can do, people often have the wrong idea of what a virtual assistant can offer. Today, let’s debunk the common myths and misconceptions of hiring a virtual assistant.


They’re only for large businesses

The first common misconception is that virtual assistants are exclusive for the big companies only. I’m talking about those mega-huge corporations with unlimited resources. In reality, virtual assistants are actually accessible to businesses of all types and sizes. They offer support and tailored solutions to suit diverse needs and budget – whether you’re a solopreneur, a startup, or a multinational enterprise, virtual assistants can provide invaluable support and expertise. 


They’re only for Administrative Tasks

Another common myth, and I’m sure we’ve all heard of this one, is that virtual assistants are limited to handling mundane administrative tasks. While administrative support is indeed a vital aspect of their role as support, VAs are capable of so much more! In fact, VAs more than often help with personal errands, or tasks that are not exactly in the job description. Got a lot of clients? A VA can help you order the coffee to serve. Is the client fancy? A VA can get hors d’oeuvres ordered to your doorstep. Forgot an anniversary? Getting you some flowers won’t be a problem for a VA.

From managing social media accounts, conducting market research, designing marketing materials, to helping you with personal errands, the scope of tasks a VA can do for your business is virtually limitless. 


They’re expensive

How much does a VA cost? What if I end up spending more if I outsource? Contrary to popular belief, hiring a virtual assistant can be a cost-effective solution compared to traditional employment models. By outsourcing talent, businesses can save on overhead costs associated with office space, equipment, and employee benefits. Additionally, virtual assistants often operate on a flexible pricing structure, allowing businesses to scale their support as needed without committing to long term contracts.


They’re not just to cut costs

Many resources you’ll find online (including this one!) tout VAs as a way to slash costs. Although true, the benefits of hiring them extend far beyond the bottom line. VAs can also be a powerful tool to drive revenue growth. According to a study conducted between 2020 and 2022, companies that embraced remote workers like VAs experienced a remarkable 21% sales increase. Increased revenue translates to more resources for your company. This can mean expanding employee benefits, investing in further growth initiatives, or even creating new jobs to fuel your company’s growth.


They’re not reliable or trustworthy

I get it, virtual assistants will be working quite far away from you. You’ll most likely only meet them through a screen and most probably, they’ll be in a different timezone. Questions about their trustworthiness are bound to come up every now and then. However, with modern communication tools and stringent security measures in place, virtual assistants can maintain high levels of reliability. Moreover, their skill set and professionalism enable them to seamlessly integrate into your workflow, providing peace of mind and efficiency.


They’re only for short-term projects

Finally, the last misconception is that outsourcing support is a strategy for short-term projects only. The reality, however, is quite different. Virtual assistants can play a crucial role in both short-term assignments and long–term partnerships. By establishing a lasting relationship with a virtual assistant, businesses can benefit from continuity, consistency, and enhanced productivity over time. 

So there we have it. By taking a step back, you’ll see that virtual assistants represent a powerful asset for businesses seeking to streamline operation, boost productivity, and achieve greater flexibility in the modern work environment. By dispelling common misconceptions and embracing the true potential of virtual assistance, individuals and businesses alike can unlock new opportunities for growth and success in an ever-changing world.

Now that the myths are debunked and the misconceptions are clarified, nothing is stopping you from reaching new heights! Get yourself a virtual assistant, and unlock the hidden potential of your business. Take that leap, embrace the future, and watch as your aspirations transform into reality.

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