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Welcome to another episode of the Automate & Delegate Podcast where we are talking about fast, flexible, and smart ways to grow your life, your business your relationships, which is a big part all of us are trying to do both in our business and in our personal lives. I am super excited to be bringing Matt Granados on, founder and CEO of Life Pulse Inc.

Matt Granados launched his first successful business at 15 and since then he’s been hooked on building businesses from the ground up and the entrepreneur life. Right out of college, Matt moved to Atlanta to start Pocket Pets – an extremely unique business with over 70,000 customers!Through the “entrepreneurial” process, Matt has discovered that his real purpose is growing people. He has combined his experience as an entrepreneur and passion for people to help organizations invest in their number one asset – their people. Sharing the system that helped him and his team do over $30 Million in sales, Matt helps individuals become more intentional with the time they have, increase their personal productivity, and improve the organization as a whole along the way!

Topics discussed with Matt today:

* The bold mission and reason behind Life Pulse Inc

* Key growth challenges Matt has dealt with and how he is addressing it in terms of automating and delegating

* How using virtual tools and resources can benefit your personal life as well

* The simplicity of turning the right actions into the right results and avoiding the overthinking of this

Check out Life Pulse Inc.!

* https://www.lifepulseinc.com/

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