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Ep7 | Chip Dodd

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Having gone through a life changing “rebirth” in 2014, Chip Dodd has redesigned his lifestyle around his love of adventure and pushing himself past his comfort zone.  Chip is the founder and team captain of Team thisABILITY.  This team of international endurance athletes have raced around the globe in some of the world’s toughest Expedition Adventure Races including the Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge in Belize – 4 days, Expedition Oregon – 3.5 days, Florida Sea to Sea – 3 Days, Expedition Africa – 5.5 days.  The team ended 2019 ranked 8thin the nation in the elite 3+CoEd division.Expedition Adventure Racers have to learn how to thrive while overcoming fear, exhaustion, pain, freezing temperatures, sleep deprivation and dehydration while solving complex navigational challenges.  These extreme adventure skills are not unlike those needed to survive the roller coaster life of an entrepreneur.

When he’s not out chasing flow, Chip can be found running his company Support Services of Virginia, Inc.  Founded in 1994, SSVA provides an array of services and housing options for persons with developmental disabilities across southern Virginia.  Since taking over the family business in 2005, the team at SSVA has tripled the size of the company by both organic growth and acquisition. At this time, SSVA is proud to have over 300 employees and contractors helping over 180 persons with disabilities live amazing lives in their community.

Life Redesigned

The major turning point for Chip’s Entrepreneurial Journey was back in 2014 when he joined the Southeastern Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization. At that time, Chip was struggling to scale his company without peer supports or proper training.  Unplugging for a few days to enjoy a vacation seemed like an impossibility.  Between EO learning events, regional conferences, serving on the board and most importantly, joining a forum, Chip gained the support and skills needed to take his company to the next level while gaining back his free time.  This is proof that business maturity can be a reality even while living out your passion and dreams. 

Chip grew up in Yorktown Virginia and graduated with a BS in Psychology form Christopher Newport University.  When not working, Chip can be found chasing flow around the world by adventure racing, orienteering, mountain biking, rock climbing, packrafting, hiking, van camping, scuba diving and skateboarding.