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Ep4 | Richard Mulholland

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Having spoken in over 30 countries on six continents, Rock and Roll roadie turned entrepreneur Richard Mulholland knows first-hand the impact that memorable presentations can make. That’s why he works with executives and speakers around the world, helping them deliver unforgettable presentations that activate audiences and generate income.

He’s the founder of presentation powerhouse Missing Link, as well as the co-founder of 21Tanks, HumanWrit.es and The Sales Department. He has written three books, Legacide, Boredom Slayer, and Story Seller.

He was voted top 40 under 40, and top 300 South Africans to take to lunch. Mostly though he’s a husband, father, son, brother, and uncle.

Welcome to Episode 4 of The Automate & Delegate Podcast! Thank you so much for coming and attending this episode of the Automate and Delegate Podcast, where we are talking all about fast, portable and flexible ways to grow your life, your business and relationships. I am your host, Brad Stevens and today I am super excited to be joined by Richard Mulholland.

Richard Mulholland is the founder of Missing Link Presentation Powerhouse, a company that focuses on helping people deliver extraordinary and unforgettable presentations that activate audiences and generate income. He is also a co-founder of 21 Tanks, Human Writ.es, and the Sales Department. 

Rich is a speaker and author. He has spoken in 30 countries on six continents. Besides that, he has written three books: Legacide, Boredom Slayer, and StoryTeller.

We got a chance to know each other when we were both members of the entrepreneurs’ organization. He and I shared resources as we were both tech junkies on tools of information and efficiency.

In this Episode, Richard shares essential digital tools to overcome key challenges such as laziness, boredom, and comfort while running his business. Tune in to find out more about the efficient technological resources that will bring your business to the next level.

Topics discussed in this episode:

[02:14] Richard’s background summary

[04:13] Key challenges and tools to overcome them

[05:15] The challenge of laziness 

[15:50] The challenge of boredom

[26:12] The challenge of too much comfort

[29:30] What excites him every morning to keep going

[33:01] The power of reading 

[36:24] One characteristic for being a successful entrepreneur

When COVID-19 hit the world, Richard saw a massive opportunity to scale what they were doing by helping speakers create unforgettable presentations. As most people resolved to live presentations, zoom meetings, and podcasts, Richard also scaled his business to a level he has never thought of. Consequently, the road was long and windy, with three key challenges: he was lazy, bored, and comfortable.

“I was so lazy that I couldn’t bring myself to read the financial statements. I can’t get excited about doing the kind of day-to-day business operations that a lot of people love.”

Rich says when you are lazy, you try and find some shortcuts and better ways of doing things. He used Descript and Loom Video tools to create content with ease for his team and audience.

While in the first days of his business, Rich says everything was exciting and felt new. After ten years, everything felt the same, and he found himself sharing variations of content to different audiences that almost looked similar. While he did not feel a challenge, everything got boring when he started doing public speaking. The ego for new ideas proved to be so much more fulfilling than running his business. He got carried away by it.

“I was so bored in my business that it became easy to be distracted by public speaking.”

The “tech tool” that brought him the shocker and made him focus more on his business was COVID-19.

It also became interesting for him to interact with different digital tools to get his content online.

He says his speaker got a boost by also becoming the stage manager, controlling the lighting, scenes, and everything he wants to appear at different times.

Rich also mentions using Prezi Video, a virtual and video presentation maker, to create his presentations quickly.

One last challenge Rich has faced is being too comfortable. Although he believes that as an entrepreneur, defining what is enough for you is very much empowering, Rich says, “it’s hard to be hungry when there’s always enough to eat.”

While his business has been in operation for over 24 years, it has managed to pay the bills and made him more comfortable and thinking that he has achieved enough.

But then, he realized that while he’s comfortable at the helm, his juniors are hungry and uncomfortable. This led him to a realization that changed his paradigm.

“My job isn’t to just build a business to get to the point where the person at the top has enough money. I have to build a business where the person at the bottom also has enough money.”

Richard also shares his typical daily routine. His day starts with curation, where he gets involved in activities to get better through learning, reading, and taking some online courses.

The second part of his day is about creation, where he creates content for his business and shares it with his team.

“I believe every time I get to spend learning, I owe my business to create content out of it and share with my team.”

His day ends with communication. He gets involved in podcasts, client meetings, and activities to add value and deliver talks that can drive sales to the business.

Richard believes that curiosity is one best characteristic of being a successful entrepreneur. To him, “curiosity is everything.” He advises entrepreneurs to be ruthlessly curious about the world around them.

Links and Resources

Richard Mulholland

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMrwAu_jhyy0Cw-TlfjFe1w 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richardmulholland/ 

Presentation Powerhouse Missing Link website https://msnglnk.com/ 

Jim Collins website https://www.jimcollins.com/ 


Green Lights by Mathew McConaughey https://greenlights.com/ 

Jim Collins books https://www.jimcollins.com/books.html 

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