HR VAs: What HR Virtual Assistants Can Do for Your Business

HR VAs: What HR VAs Can Do for Your Business

Employees are an essential asset to any organization’s success. If you want yours to flourish, take the time to find the perfect additions to your team and provide them with satisfying benefits, good pay, and a positive work environment.

An effective human resource (HR) department ensures that all these responsibilities are met and more. But while this team keeps all your employees in check, it’s important that you also look after your HR team. To prevent HR burnout, an effective solution you can consider is hiring a virtual assistant (VA) that can lend the department a hand by taking care of some day-to-day tasks.

Learn more about HR VAs and what they can do for your business.

What is an HR Virtual Assistant?

From administrative work to employee management, an HR VA can do almost anything a regular HR office employee does. The main difference is that they are independent contractors working remotely at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house staff.

Typically, HR VAs are hired by small companies that don’t have the budget to set up a whole HR department, don’t have enough support for their HR team, or don’t have the time to manage HR tasks all at once.

5 Tasks an HR Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business With

Here are some of the roles and responsibilities of an HR VA in a business:

1. Recruit qualified talents

Finding people who are a good fit for your company is crucial, as an inappropriate candidate can lead your business to suffer. HR VAs can post job openings, review applications, conduct background checks,  schedule interviews, and even screen qualified applicants in the initial stages of the recruitment process.

2. Onboard new employees 

The HR team must guide new employees in adapting to the company’s culture. Having an HR VA to assist the group during the onboarding process can help improve employee engagement and retention. They can facilitate new employee orientation, send out emails, compile employment requirements, and secure employee files to your database.

3. Develop company culture

Maintaining a positive business culture can influence an employee’s job satisfaction, retention, and relationship with the other staff.

With an HR VA, your company can create the right culture to keep personnel motivated and committed to your goals and values. It can mean hosting fun team engagements, recognizing valuable employee contributions, or having one-on-one check-ins to address the staffs’ health and wellness.

4. Guide performance management systems

Performance management addresses employee skills gaps and ensures that everyone meets company standards. With an effective system in place, HR can identify which workers excel in their jobs and who needs support. Your HR VA can provide comprehensive training, coaching, and mentoring sessions to your employees, strengthening any weak links within your team.

5. Handle compensation and benefits

A part of HR’s role is managing compensation and benefits. In this area, HR VAs can help with payroll tracking and management. They can schedule and prepare payrolls, invoices, and reports. Additionally, they can be in charge of the pay and benefits negotiations with employees.

Why Should You Hire an HR Virtual Assistant?

HR is an essential business function, and having an HR VA onboard can ensure that your employee recruitment, engagement, and performance are monitored, maintained, and even improved. Check out more reasons why you should hire one for your business.

Seamless hiring and onboarding process

Having an extra hand in the HR department will make your recruitment process more efficient, as your team can execute every task easier. According to a report, improving your onboarding process leads to increased employee engagement and improved organizational culture. Additionally, you get more quality hires, which can decrease turnovers.

Better employee experience

An HR VA can organize company events and celebrations, enhancing relationships between employees and strengthening employer-employee connections. They can help you and your workers gain a sense of trust and respect for each other. HR VAs can also serve as an employee’s counselor, advocate, and source of information.

Minimize labor costs

HR VAs can perform most, if not all, kinds of HR tasks at lower costs than hiring an in-house employee. Since VAs work remotely and independently, you don’t have to contribute to their pension, workplace consumables, or training costs.

More free time for the HR department

Free time for HR doesn’t mean time to lounge around. It only means allowing them to focus on core HR work rather than mundane tasks. HR VAs can handle routine and repetitive administrative work while your HR team builds strategies to ensure employee wellbeing.

Maintain compliance

HR VAs are experts in their field, which means they also understand employment laws and regulatory requirements. If the HR team’s plate is full of daily tasks that need to be done, it can be easy to overlook compliance regulations. An HR VA can keep your company in check by ensuring that everything is compliant regarding applicant and employee treatment. 

Lead Your Company to Success with an HR VA

The HR department does more for the company than handling recruitment, training, and payroll. They also improve managerial effectiveness and shape company culture, so they need all the hands they can get to avoid burnout. Hiring a VA for the HR team takes some work off their plate, allowing them to perform core tasks that contribute to employee productivity and business growth.

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