Facebook Marketing for Real Estate: 5 Tips to Get Good Leads

Facebook Marketing for Real Estate: 5 Tips to Get Good Leads

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Back in the day, real estate agents marketed homes and generated leads using mostly traditional approaches like print advertising and getting referrals from happy clients. Others upped their game by getting creative through guerilla marketing, which is more out-of-the-box but low budget.

Not to be outdone, Facebook is also becoming a great channel for realtors today, specifically for lead generation. Facebook ads are a great way to win homebuyers’ attention: they’re digital, visually engaging, and well-targeted for social media users while also being cost-effective for your company.

Facebook can boost your lead generation efforts if you do it right or know someone privy to the best practices in real estate Facebook marketing, such as a virtual assistant company with realty expertise. But for starters, here are some tips to get good leads on Facebook.

1. Find the right homebuyers with Facebook filters

Facebook is a powerhouse of user data, and it gives you the ability to target homebuyers based on what you know about them. When you use ad filters, you can pick the data that are most relevant to your campaign.

This lets you focus on a specific demographic that will most likely respond or interact with your ads. From age and location down to income. You can identify which among the Facebook users are a good fit as potential homebuyers for your company.

Using Facebook filters, you can also find audiences based on their homeownership, such as those who have been renting for quite some time but who might now be ready to settle into a new home. Here, you have a great chance of pulling them into your ads with the message or content that best resonates with their situation.

2. Integrate video ads into your real estate content

Speaking of content, video is a popular means to consume content. Since everyone loves it, it would be remiss not to use it in marketing. Plus, you can expect almost every realtor to use videos to showcase their properties to consumers—and so should you. A compelling video ad that tells your brand story can also increase your chances of capturing leads.

If you work with a real estate virtual assistant, you’re off the hook with producing video ads. Real estate VAs can turn out professionally and creatively designed videos with high-quality images and exceptional copy that can get you clicks and leads.

3. Create a custom and lookalike audience of your real estate business

As mentioned, Facebook collects the information you can use to target ads to the right people, helping you build a database of leads. From there, you can construct two types of audiences that you can serve ads to each time they’re on Facebook: custom audiences and lookalike audiences

A custom audience is made up of your existing leads, so chances are they’re already aware of your brand. Constant exposure to your ads further enables them to recognize—and favor—your brand from the competition.

As the name suggests, a lookalike audience resembles people in your leads database. This type of audience matches the demographic characteristics and behavioral patterns of your custom audience, and it only takes a matter of time before your ads convert them into qualified leads.

4. Use carousel ads to show multiple properties

Carousel ads are one of the most powerful ad formats available on Facebook. In this type of ad, you get to educate your viewers about everything they need to know about your properties in a single ad post, making it easy for you to feature multiple properties with videos or images to boot.

You can also include descriptions about the property, a link to your website, and call-to-actions (CTAs) that will direct users to your landing pages. Carousel ads can do all the heavy lifting for your real estate marketing campaigns, letting you capture the interest of your target audiences.

5. Mix up your ad styles

Unlike other advertising channels, Facebook marketing boasts multiple ad types that you can choose from—text, photos, videos, sponsored messages, and slideshows, to mention a few. This lets you switch things up and create variety as you try to reach audiences to drive your business.

Again, you can reap the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant who can help you create and manage real estate ads for your Facebook page, whether it’s a customer testimonial, a virtual property tour, or an optimized local ad. With Facebook’s testing and data analytics features, you’ll discover which ads generate more high-quality leads at the lowest cost possible.

Found Great Facebook Leads for Your Business

When done right, Facebook marketing for real estate helps you find leads and puts your brand in front of them. In this area, real estate VAs can put their social media management skills to good use, developing advertising strategies that will help build valuable connections for your business.

Whether you’re working with home buyers or sellers to list their homes for sale, hiring a VA is a viable business solution for your company. And it’s best to do it with Outsource Access, as what we do is aligned with your processes to ensure that we capture the right leads with the most impact on your bottom line. We’ll be happy to set up a 30-minute Virtual Assistant Information Call to tell you about our VA services for your real estate marketing needs. Talk to us today!

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