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As a business owner, it is important to align and develop your workforce for business growth. Moreover, this task can be quite a handful and tricky at times. Do you and your management team need help to be better at the conversations, coaching, and development to inspire and motivate the workforce in your company? In meeting your company’s goals and facing challenges that may come up on your way?

With that, I introduce you to Lattice! The perfect tool to help your management skills and help keep the order in your workforce and aligning everything towards the company’s goals.

Read on and discover how this tool can help your business.

Addictive Tool Name: Lattice

Product Boosting Category: Performance and Engagement Software


What’s the deal? 

Lattice is a professional cloud-based performance management solution for business owners and human resource management professionals across multiple industries in the market. Businesses can customize the solution to align with their requirements and the company’s core goals and aspirations. Core functionalities include a review of employees’ performance and goal management for the tasks. Moreover, this tool is handy since you can keep track of everything via a mobile device. 

This tool allows users to put up tasks for the group and individual employees and track each progress until completion; teams can view all tasks in progress through the productivity section. The admin dashboard also allows management teams to create customized questions for the performance reviews among employees and their output which can be customized for evaluating objectives. The solution also provides reminders to employees to fill performance reviews on time. Moreover, managers can keep track of output completion and employee performance through the performance analysis section. Lattice provides reporting features that allow managers to study and check each employee review status of individuals, teams, and the company.

Cost: You can start availing their solution for $9/month and per user! However, to maximize the rest of their exciting and more helpful features, click here to check the other rates. 

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