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Addictive Tools – Ever Webinar

Webinars have become one of the easiest and trendiest ways to promote your business and make that sales pitch, without having to go from one place to the next. And, with the current health crisis, meeting a large group of people to make sales may be more risky than worthy. Despite the need for webinars, it’s almost impossible to have a live webinar every 30 minutes, just to reach out to all of your audience and meet their availability. Preparations for webinars are far from easy, we know! Email invites, analytics, responses, thank you emails, etc, this is just impossible for an entrepreneur to do for an entire day! Here’s Everwebinar, a webinar game changer that we’ve all been waiting for. Everwebinar allows you to create pre-recorded webinars that look and feel live, so your participants won’t even have to worry about watching boring, low resolution videos. Everwebinar converts all kinds of videos into HD, not too much of a big deal, but  these small nuances matter and convert the most sales! 

Addictive Tool Name: Everwebinar

Product Boosting Category: Project and Task Management Solutions

Website: https: 

What’s the deal?

Everwebinar allows you to create and optimize webinars that are easy to edit and operate. It’s web based so there is no need to install anything! In its dashboard, you can find all the webinars you’ve created, and many more controls such as goal tracking for your offers, API integrations, and what we love the most-analytics. The analytics option allows you to view who has watched your webinar and finished it and also see those who didn’t get to finish the webinar, including visibility to data which you may have set up.

Everwerbinar has a “training” area in the dashboard, where you can further integrate everwebinar to other apps and the API functionality. What’s great about this is that you can upload any webinar from almost any source, may it be an MP4 file, or a youtube link.

The most important feature of everwebinar is its “Just in time” function. This allows participants who ‘s made it  “just in time” without having to miss the webinar that’s about to start in 10 minutes, Other webinar platforms do not allow last minute attendees. It also shows schedule availability and also blocks some availability to make it look more realistic. I can tell you, everwebinar is a great webinar assistant, it’s like cloning yourself 20x more!

Did I tell you that everwebinar also sends tailor fit emails to those attendees who are actually interested to purchase your product or service? And even sends another tailor fit email to those who may not be very keen on buying your service at this time. Everwebinar automates everything for you, and it even has a function to make beautiful landing pages, end of webinar pages and beautifully designed templates, without the need for a designer!

Here’s a demo on their functions and a full disclosure of their functions!


They have three easy plans to choose from:

Their installment plan makes it easier on the pocket, at 3 payments of $199 per year, so that’s less than $200 per quarter.

If you’re looking to save on cost, everwebinar also has an annual plan of $499, paid one time. Now, if you’re looking into MORE savings and looking at using everwebinar for a more long term period of time, they have what they call a “Biennial plan” which costs $799 for two years, thats a big bang for your buck right there! (All plans come with the Just-in-time feature, chat simulator and flexible scheduling)

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