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Addictive Tools – Crystal


Have you spent hours trying to write the perfect email that your customers or new leads would want to read?

We know that trying to tap into your inner psychic, can be tough to do, without a little help.

That’s why we are excited to send you this latest tool. It will take your email communication and meetings to the next level – guaranteed!

Drum roll please…meet…

Addictive Tool Name: Crystal

Product Boosting Category: Relationship Management


What’s the deal?

Crystal gives you an insider view into personality insights on Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and much more. With a better idea of the personality of potential leads, you can choose from an extensive library of email templates based on the recipient’s personality. Crystal with Gmail will even suggest how to edit the wording in your email to better align with the communication style of the recipient. Crystal also provides daily meeting insights to help you better prepare for meetings. You can quickly view attendees’ personalities and craft your message and presentations accordingly. Your daily interactions will be enhanced with Crystal, eliminating the guessing game of what resonates with your key stakeholders and potential leads.

Are there any integrations? Crystal integrates seamlessly with Google (Gmail), LinkedIn, Salesforce, and most CRMs.

How much does it cost? A personal account is free, but upgrade to a business account for as low as $19 a month.

Take your meetings and relationships to another level with Crystal. It’s the closest you’ll ever come to being psychic! Try it out and let us know how it goes by commenting on this blog. Or tailor a message for us (using Crystal) and send it to us on Facebook.

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