Adapting for Rapid Change EO Kenya - Outsource Access

Virtual Event Recording by Brad Stevens

 Adapting for Rapid Change: Discovering Your Agility

Includes List of 125+ Product/Service Growth Opps from CV19

Key topics we'll cover:

  • How to unlock strategic insights and capabilities you never knew existed within your staff
  • An entirely new perspective on how to leverage outsourced resources and virtual staff/assistants within every business division and personally for top leaders
  • How to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy sales/marketing campaigns and capture market and competitor intelligence in a few days
  • How to implement a very simple but highly effective goal development and execution system
  • How to rapidly uncover and point your business toward markets and opportunities not affected or seeing growth from CV19
  • Strategies and step-by-step case studies of how businesses are executing on their new shift
  • Suprising ways to engage your existing Clients to help weather the storm on the other side
  • Shifting to a more virtual and outsourced workforce to future-proof against the next crisis

About the Presenter:

Brad Stevens is a 7-year EO Member, career entrepreneur and the CEO of Outsource Access, an offshore virtual assistant and outsourcing firm with nearly 100 staff that serves small to medium businesses. He is a global keynote speaker and has shared the stage with icons including John Maxwell and Deepak Chopra. Brad has also advised business and civic leaders including Martin Luther King III. A documentary film featured his business and he was selected to run a think-tank on Economic Growth and Decent Work for All at the United Nations. He has been featured in Inc Magazine, the Wall Street Business Network, and on the cover of Small Business Magazine. Brad graduated from the Wharton Business School and is incoming President of EO Atlanta. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and two children.