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Check Out This Interview with a VA Working in the Roofing Industry!

During his trips to the Philippines our CEO takes time to interview our amazing staff working in different industries so you can hear “first hand” how they can help you! Check out this great interview with Belle working with a Client in the roofing industry!

Roofing Industry Blog

Top 30 Tasks That Can Skyrocket Your Roofing Business

In the roofing industry, efficiency and productivity are paramount. Every moment spent on administrative tasks is a moment that could be better utilized elsewhere. Outsourcing through virtual assistants is a cost efficient strategy that helps businesses exceed expectations.  Time is a precious resource, and outsourcing can help you maximize each second. Conducting email marketing campaigns, overseeing vendor management, scheduling appointments, coordinating with insurance companies – the Roofing Industry definitely has its work cut out for it. Time spent on such tasks could be better spent on closing deals and growing

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Our CEO Brad Stevens answers all your questions about working with affordable, talented Outsource Access virtual staff from the Philippines. He addresses time zones, competency, capabilities, compensation, communication, process documentation and more…

1. What about the time zones?

2. What about the matching process?

3. What about English proficiency?

4. Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

5. What if I don’t have 40 full hours of work to give to a VA?

6. What if my VA needs time off? What about redundancy?

7. What is your retention rate of your VA's?

8. How do you recruit for your VA's?

9. Will the VA have all skills I need? How do you know what skills are needed from a VA to assign to me?

10. How do you document processes?

11. How does OA provide bonus and incentive compensation to VA's?