Guide to Understanding Graphic Designer Virtual Assistants

Understanding Designers: A Guide to VA Graphic Designers

We’ve all heard how pictures paint a thousand words, but creatives across all industries swear by the importance of visuals in business campaigns. Any marketer or brand specialist worth their salt will also tell you that how your images present your brand is as effective, if not more, as to how you talk about your business.

Science supports these takes. Images and graphics are among the most powerful tools a budding company can utilize, with 94% of consumers leaving websites with terrible graphic design. Studies also show that 99% of the information the brain processes is visual. Because of this, 88% of marketers consider visuals important in at least 50% of web content they create.

These facts should be enough to convince you to get someone to work on your visuals. If you haven’t found one to add to your in-house team, you can opt for a virtual assistant (VA) specializing in graphic design. Outsourcing this work will allow you to focus on your company without compromising on quality visuals for your brand.

What is a Virtual Graphic Designer?

As a skilled professional, a virtual graphic designer doesn’t just create logos for businesses. This remote asset can also come up with visual content to deliver a message to the target audience. A great visual assistant for graphic design tasks not only knows what looks good but also understands how to give the audience the right impression about the brand they’re working with.

Why Do You Need a Virtual Graphic Designer?

A good visual layout for your branding is vital to your business’ success, and a virtual graphic designer can help you achieve that. Here are facets of your branding that a qualified VA graphic designer can help you with:

  • Provide a great first impression

The first few seconds of a user in your website or post is one of the most important times for your business. A capable VA graphic designer can help you maintain your customers’ interest in your company through appealing and impactful visuals.

  • Establish your brand’s identity

Your logo is one of the most recognizable facets of your business. A capable VA graphic designer should provide you with one-of-a-kind visual assets that will make your brand stand out, establishing a unique identity to your customer base.

  • Deliver your messages more effectively

Your company’s visuals should express what you want your audience to know about your company and your offerings. You want to maximize the message your prospective clients achieve, and working with a VA graphic designer can solve that issue for you.

  • Create consistency within your brand

Having a consistent design for all your materials is important in building credibility for your business. With a VA graphic designer in your team, you can create a uniform look for your client deliverables or online posts.

  • Make your message matter

What your business stands for matters, so it’s essential that you properly get your point across. A VA graphic designer can help you attract the right audience and amplify your message better with a compelling visual.

7 Projects a Virtual Graphic Designer Can Do for You

If you get a virtual graphic designer to set your visuals and branding straight, you can ask them to complete any of the following tasks:

  1. Create a custom logo and business cards 

If you feel your business is due for a rebrand, you can ask your VA graphic designer to develop a new look for your company logo and business cards. Give them the requirements, and they can create several samples for you.

  1. Draft product packaging design

If your business offers products,  packaging makes for great advertising space for your brand. With a VA on board, they can design a brand-new look for your labels, which can do a lot of good for your company.

  1. Make print or digital brochures

Impressing your customers with a well-designed catalog can help you close a sale. Get your virtual graphic designer to create the most stylish brochure to complement your sales pitches.

  1. Organize your social media visuals

Maintaining a clear identity through your social media channels is possible if you have a reliable graphic designer creating templates for your social media team to use. Furthermore, they can create custom vector images to use for your posts.

  1. Produce website graphics

If your website needs aesthetically pleasing visuals, have your graphic designer make custom ones for you. They can easily craft images that suit your company’s specific brand, such as banners, infographics, and more.

  1. Design app visuals

Creating an app is a big deal for many businesses. If you want yours to look clean and easy to use, it pays to have a virtual graphic designer working with the people programming your app.

  1. Layout PDF or ebook pages

A VA specializing in graphic design would know that an effective layout design should not just look pretty. For informative materials, such as PDF documents or ebooks, the visual must be reader-friendly to ensure that the message gets sent across without a problem. 

Boost Your Image with a Virtual Graphic Designer

Having a VA graphic designer can boost your company’s marketing and branding efforts. To find the perfect candidate for the job, you can reach out to a virtual assistant business for expert advice.

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